About Red Heart Soirée

No organization in the world has had a greater impact in the battle against heart disease than the cardiovascular team at the University of Minnesota. For more than six decades, the cardiovascular team has been recognized throughout the world as a bold leader and innovator in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. As a result of this leadership, millions of lives have been saved, and the face of medicine has been profoundly changed.

As discoverers in a new era of cardiovascular medicine, the University’s cardiovascular team is focused on solving complex issues that require revolutionary approaches and endless creativity. Our team says yes when others say it can’t be done. And our team says yes to bold ideas, creativity, innovation, and results.

Your participation at Red Heart Soirée helps support cardiovascular research, education, and patient care to get us closer to achieving the ultimate goal of curing heart disease.

Learn more about the innovative and life-saving work of the University of Minnesota’s cardiovascular team.

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For more information, please contact Michelle Boe